Protecting Against Fraud


Automotive fraud is a growing problem both on and off the Internet, and automotive e-commerce Web sites such as are not immune to such problems. While the vast majority of vehicle listings on are legitimate, you should be aware that certain individuals post vehicle listings on for the sole purpose of scamming potential car buyers.

In the same manner, the vast majority of e-mail and phone leads that are sent to sellers using our Web site are from real, interested buyers. However, you should be aware that certain individuals may contact a seller or express an interest in purchasing a seller's vehicle for the sole purpose of scamming the seller.

We have also received reports that Internet scam artists are illegally using the name and logo along with e-mail addresses that spoof or are confusingly similar to e-mail addresses (such as and to make their fraudulent pitches seem more legitimate. These techniques may be used to defraud both car buyers and car sellers.

When using the Internet, you should always exercise caution and common sense. When using the Web site, you can help protect yourself by learning more about how the service operates and taking the precautions outlined below. If an activity seems suspicious or a transaction seems unbelievably good, it probably is.