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News & Tips When Buying a Car

Breaking stories and useful tips from experts help you shop smart.

  • Car-Buying Advice

    First-timers and veterans shopping new or used cars: know what to remind yourself to do, ask and learn, from verifying the condition to closing the sale.

  • Latest News, Updates & Trends

    Whether or not you are a car person, make sure you are aware of trends or news that may affect your search, financing or how you purchase.

  • Help for First-Time Buyers

    Learn how to prepare; what to watch out for, ways get the most for your money, and how to complete the transaction at the dealer or with a seller.

  • Used-Car Shopping Tips

    Yes, there are ways to protect yourself and get the best used car around. Know whether to buy certified pre-owned, how to finance and more.

  • Pointers for Buying CPO

    Explore whether certified pre-owned is best for you, pros and cons, what to ask and compare, and how to find the best programs and incentives.