2006 L.A. Auto Show: Acura Advanced Sedan Concept


Um … honestly? We don’t know what to make of this one, folks. We’re about eight hours into Day 1 of the L.A. Auto Show and aren’t sure if our weary eyes are playing tricks on us or not. The Acura Advanced Sedan Concept shown here is out there. Way out there.

We’re going to quote the press release here because we don’t want you to think we’re making this stuff up: “The primary goal of this design study was to create a sophisticated, refined sedan with a mysterious presence.”

Mysterious is right, but is the mystery “Why make something so ugly?” or “Are we supposed to like this?” We’re just not sure. Acura has been making such eye-pleasing designs for the past few years we don’t see the need for a radical shift in design philosophy — and definitely not one that shifts in this direction.

There aren’t many vitals because this is a pure design concept. All we can give you are the following images for you to ponder — and discuss — among yourselves.

Photo of David Thomas
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