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Why you should consider a CPO car

A CPO used car is a certified pre-owned car and they’re very different from the average used car. A car can be certified either by a dealer using an automaker’s specifications, or dealers can certify cars on their own. There are a number of advantages that come along with certification:
A multipoint inspection: An automaker or dealer will check on hundreds of parts and systems to ensure they meet the minimum requirements.
An extended warranty: Typically, the CPO car will get a warranty that extends the miles covered, the months remaining, or both to the bumper-to-bumper warranty or powertrain warranty.
Other incentives: CPO cars often come with a vehicle history report at no extra charge, roadside assistance programs and more.
One element to weigh, though, is that CPO cars typically run more expensive than non-CPO cars, so consider the benefits versus that extra cost and decide which approach is best for you.

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