Pontiac's Secret G5 Coupe

We’re half kidding with that headline, but the release of a new model is usually a significant event for an automaker. However, General Motors is taking the quiet approach with the new Pontiac G5 coupe, based on the Chevrolet Cobalt introduced in 2005.

The 2007 Pontiac G5 base model is actually on sale now and features a 148-hp four-cylinder engine. A CD player and spoiler come standard for $14,995. There’s also a GT model that features a larger, 173-hp engine that starts at $17,795. While the base model starts for roughly $1,000 more than its Chevy sibling, the GT costs slightly less than the comparable Cobalt SS. Pontiac is not offering a higher-powered G5 to mirror the Cobalt SS Supercharged.

We’re comparing the two because the Cobalt and G5 not only feature the same engines, suspensions and interiors, but they also look almost identical save for their different grilles and slightly altered front and rear ends.

GM assures us there is no hidden meaning behind this under-the-radar launch, but we have to think the lukewarm reaction to the Chevy Cobalt has something to do with it.

Pontiac G5 GT

Chevy Cobalt SS

Pontiac G5 Interior

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