2007 Mazda CX-7 Review Preview

As I say goodbye today to the Mazda CX-7 I've been driving all week, I have to start thinking about my full review for the research pages. I don’t like to get started on the actual review until I’m done with my full week behind the wheel.

I’ll let you blog readers in on a little secret: I'm actually considering the CX-7 to replace my own — or I should say my wife’s — 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee. That makes the perk of testing a new car for a week even better, as I get seven days with no salesman to decide whether or not the CX-7 will top our wish list when our lease is up next spring.

All the attributes I liked most about the CX-7 when it arrived are still what I like most now that it’s gone. A good-looking exterior and interior, a window sticker less than the competition, the fun-to-drive factor — especially for an SUV — and the fact that it gets decent mileage. I even liked — scratch that — loved the upgraded Bose stereo. 

All those things make the CX-7 a major player in the segment and on our shopping list. The big drawback is the SUV’s blind spot problem. Because of those narrowing side windows, visibility is slightly limited at the very rear end of the vehicle's side. It’s an odd location, too, because it isn’t the vertical pillar causing the problem, it’s the horizontal frame of the window. I would think an owner would get used to this over time, but it does make me wonder. I just hope that doesn’t negate all the positives, because I’ve been itching for a new car. Of course, there are another two or three new vehicles not out yet that could knock the CX-7 off the top of the list, blind spot or no.

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