2007 Toyota Sienna Pricing Announced

Ford and GM may be getting out of the minivan business, but Toyota is putting a new, more powerful engine into its 2007 Sienna. The new 3.5-liter V-6 gains 51 horsepower over the outgoing engine, for a total of 266 hp. That nice power boost doesn’t add much more to the sticker, with the average MSRP increasing just $281. Click below for full pricing of the 2007 Sienna, which goes on sale later this month.

  • CE 7-Passenger 2WD          $24,155
  • CE 8-Passenger 2WD          $24,305
  • LE 7-Passenger 2WD          $25,680
  • LE 8-Passenger 2WD          $25,830
  • XLE 2WD                         $30,125
  • XLE LIMITED 2WD             $35,465
  • LE 7-Passenger AWD         $29,295
  • XLE 7-Passenger AWD       $33,330
  • XLE LIMITED AWD            $37,665

Prices do not include destination charge.


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