2007 Corvette Z06 Gets New Color, Higher Price

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We knew it was too good to last. When it debuted in 2006, the Corvette Z06 started at $65,690. That meant a better-than-average Joe could afford 505 hp. Now the starting price is right at $70,000 and — get this — GM hasn’t added anything to the car. Nope, nothing new to warrant the $4,310 price adjustment.

Wait, what’s this? The glove compartment is larger this year in all Corvettes, including the Z06? OK, that’s well worth a grand or two, but four? We do get a new color though, Atomic Orange Metallic Tintcoat, shown here. That is pretty nice.

In all seriousness, we’re just ribbing GM. The Z06 is still one of the fiercest performance vehicles for the money that you can buy. They could probably ask $80,000 and sell every single Z06 they make. But let’s not give them any more big ideas.

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