2007 Detroit Auto Show: Ford Interceptor Concept


All the underpinnings sound fine to us, and in all likelihood could end up in a future Ford sedan. What we can’t fathom in the least is the sloppy design. Even the head of Ford’s design group said the front end is borrowed from last year’s F-250 Super Chief concept. The Super Chief was a pickup, folks. The resulting “warmed-over” look, then, is no accident. We still don’t understand why Ford doesn’t look to its European arm for design inspiration. The Ford Mondeo is a good-looking car that just went on sale in Europe, and the Iosis concept from a few years back was one of the best-looking concepts we can remember. Alas, we’re left with a sedan suffering from an inferiority complex caused by the Chrysler 300C. That’s a shame.

Updated: We’ve added a number of Interceptor photos below which shows off its best side. The profile.

We’ll also have much more information about the Interceptor when we get to the Detroit auto show on January 7.

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