2007 Geneva Motor Show: 2008 Volvo XC70 Debuts

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A month after we got our first glimpse of the all-new V70 wagon, Volvo delivers the first batch of information and images about the cross-country version of its family-hauler. It shares most of its design with the V70, and all of the same safety features are found here as well, including integrated child booster seats, extended side curtain airbags to protect smaller passengers, stronger side structure and new side-impact airbags that protect the hips as well as the torso.

Only one gasoline engine is offered, a 238-hp inline-six, along with a six-speed automatic with a manual shift mode. Of course, you can’t call a wagon a cross-country without standard all-wheel drive. There’s also standard hill descent control and stability control. We’re still waiting on word about when the 2008 XC70 and V70 will be available and how much they’ll cost, but for now check out the photo gallery below.

All-New 2008 Volvo V70
The New Volvo S80’s Blind Spot Detector

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