2007 Geneva Motor Show: Opel GTC Concept

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What you’re looking at is a concept car for GM’s European nameplate, Opel. The GTC concept was created to show off the future design direction for Opel. Why should anyone in the U.S. care? Well, if you’ve been following this blog closely, you already know that many of Saturn’s new and future models are shared with Opel, including the new Saturn Vue and Astra.

The GTC concept is powered by a 300-hp turbo V-6 engine, features all-wheel drive and has a cool seating system with the rear seats sliding forward and integrating into the front seats to create a larger cargo area. The interior quality is also a noticeable step up from current models.

The GTC concept seems quite complete, meaning it might not take long for it to start pumping out of an assembly plant, but it might be a bit too upscale — and expensive — to be branded as a Saturn in the U.S. Whatever happens, there are two things we’re sure of: GM should build this right away, and it should make sure American shoppers get a chance to buy it, whether it has a Saturn badge or not.

Photo gallery below.

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