2007 Jaguar XJ Announced in England

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Don’t fret if it gets a bit more British around here over the next few days. There’s a major auto show across the pond this week, and a number of companies are debuting their latest wares. Jaguar took the opportunity to announce the slightly updated XJ sedan today and there are some changes for American customers. This is Jaguar’s top-of-the-line model and features an aluminum frame and V-8 engine.

What’s new this year? Not much on the outside. Some new mesh grille work previously reserved for the higher-level trims is now standard and there are four new colors, but otherwise the 2007 is unchanged from the 2006 on the outside. Engine choices remain essentially the same with slight power upgrades: a 300-hp, 4.2 liter V-8 comes standard and a supercharged 400-hp V-8 is available in the XJR.

There are new trim options inside, but otherwise it too remains the same.

No prices or on-sale date have been announced for the U.S. We’d expect to see 2007s in early fall and for prices to remain similar to the 2006 model year price of $61,830 for the base XJ and $79,330 for the XJR.

[Source: Jaguar]

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