2007 Mercedes-Benz CLK550 Announced


Mercedes-Benz is coming to the tail end of a comprehensive overhaul of its lineup. The latest new models to be introduced are the 2007 CLK550 coupe and cabriolet. There’s not much different to the eye, but under the hood the CLK550 gets Merc’s new 5.5-liter V-8 and 382 hp. That should satiate those who need something more than the CLK350’s V-6 powerplant. More impressive is the marked improvement over the 302-hp V-8 offered in the 2006 CLK500; it’s even better than the 362-hp V-8 in the $82,500 AMG version of the car.

That’s a big deal because the 2007 CLK550 convertible is $63,675 (the coupe is $55,675). This is one example where a buyer can actually see a huge difference in value from one model year to the next; granted, it’s at the luxury level. But by buying the 2007 CLK550 consumers are getting an improved model and saving almost $20,000 over last year’s comparable version. And the year-to-year improvements only cost $1,000 or so more than the 2006 sticker price.

Of course, there will be a new 475-hp AMG 63 as well, because you always need more horsepower. But for almost everyone looking for a high-class two-door, the CLK550 should do the trick.

The CLK550 should be arriving at U.S. dealerships now.

[Source: Mercedes-Benz]

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