2007 Detroit Auto Show: 2008 Cadillac CTS

The most anticipated unveiling today is yet another GM product. Cadillac’s CTS sedan has been the brand’s biggest seller, and the all-new 2008 CTS is sure to maintain that trend. While we anticipated a radically different design, the new CTS is actually a smooth evolution in Cadillac’s edgy look.

The base engine will be the outgoing model’s 210-hp V-6, with the option of the company’s new 3.6-liter V-6, which makes 258 hp. Best of all is a new V-6 power plant producing 300 hp at the top of the lineup — that is, until the company introduces a high-performance CTS-V variant. A six-speed automatic and, for the first time, a six-speed manual transmission will be offered.

All-wheel drive will also be available for the first time when the car goes on sale later this year. Rear-wheel drive is still the standard drivetrain setup.

The orange color of the show car is a slick move and is in stark contrast to the brand’s usual silver schemes at these events. We’re pretty excited to see the interior, as well. It follows the overall improvement in the brand’s other cockpits.

There is no question GM has taken firm control of this year’s show on each of the first two media days, today with the CTS and yesterday with the Volt concept. Tomorrow’s Malibu press conference could be underwhelming. 

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