Study: Red Light Cameras Work in Philly

A new report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that red-light running was dramatically cut at some Philadelphia intersections once cameras were installed. Philadelphia picked locations for their high number of crashes. How drastically did the number of accidents drop? They fell 87% to 100%. Not too shabby. The cameras take a snapshot of a car’s license plate when it runs a red and then the city sends a $100 ticket to the owner.

Ten years ago, only New York City and San Francisco used red light cameras to catch violators. Today, more than 200 cities use them. We’ve experience red light cameras in Chicago, but unlike in Philadelphia, they’re not always clearly marked. They also issue citations for legal right turns on red (trust us, we know first-hand). What do you think? Do red light cameras work in your city?

Source: IIHS

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