Five Axis Dresses the xB and xD

As fast as you could say “xB and xD,” Scion wheeled out aftermarket versions of its latest crop of compact cars. The automaker gave an xB and xD to California-based Five Axis, the brains behind Scion’s Fuse concept from last year’s New York Auto Show. The cars came back spruced up with enough aftermarket gear to earn them background spots on “4Fast 4Furious: Seoul Food.” (We’re kidding on that, we hope.)

On the xB, there’s enough go to match the show. A supercharger and a cold-air intake system from Toyota’s TRD performance wing boosts power from 158 hp to around 200 hp. A new suspension lowers the car 2 inches, and six-spoke 19-inch wheels wear Yokohama tires. A wraparound body kit is there because, well, every tuner car needs a body kit.

The xD has an aftermarket coil suspension that also lowers the car 2 inches, as well as similar 19-inch wheels and a custom exhaust system to increase airflow – and add plenty of unnecessary but oh-so-cool exhaust noise.

Check out our auto show reports on the xB and the xD. Scion says the Five Axis cars are prototypes, so we won’t see all of these accessories when the cars go on sale in a few months. Scion will, however, eventually make 40-plus accessories available. Right now, confirmed accessories for both cars include custom wheels, aftermarket interior appliqués, dashboard and cupholder lights, a carbon fiber engine cover, and a range of tooth-shaking stereo upgrades. The supercharger isn’t on the list, but one Toyota official said he expects TRD to eventually make it available.

Scion xD Customized

Smoked taillights

19-inch wheels

Scion xB Customized

19-inch wheels

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