Live Blogging From the Track

You might notice that activity on the blog may not be quite as busy today as it normally is. That’s because much of the team is up in the wilds of Wisconsin for a two-day test-drive of many new 2008 cars and trucks. We’ll be testing dozens of cars on the track — the famed Road America — and on nearby roads.

Remember the live blogging from the New York auto show? Well, I’m at it again today on the track. I’ll be updating the photo album below all morning with my photos and thoughts as I take cars on the track and see how they hold up to extreme driving. Every year, I’m surprised at how well street-oriented cars do on a real race track.

What’s on tap? We have more than 80 cars to choose from and I’m looking forward to getting a few like the Audi RS4, new Mini Cooper S and the new Nissan 350Z I drove up here a thorough “test.” Enjoy.

Live From the Track Photo Gallery

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