Toyota Reliability Plummets in Consumer Reports Survey

If you haven’t been following the heated commenting on our blog, you might be unaware that folks aren’t as pleased with Toyota’s famed reliability as they used to be. Today, Consumer Reports announced that the automaker has dropped from first to fifth in its reliability ratings.

The magazine surveys its own subscriber base to gather its data on a full year of reliability. The recent findings have caused the V-6 Toyota Camry and V-8 Toyota Tundra to lose their recommended status altogether.

The top five brands for reliability as determined by CR are: Honda, Acura, Scion and Subaru, followed by Toyota. While domestic manufacturers show improvement in the survey, only four of 39 “Most Reliable” cars were domestics, versus 20 of 44 earning the “least reliable” label. 

Consumer Reports surveys owners of cars over the past three years unless the model is significantly changed. If so, only owners of the newest version are surveyed. 

Toyota Crashes in Reliability Rankings

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