2008 Cadillac Escalade Platinum

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Cadillac brought another Escalade to the party today. Besides the Hybrid, which will be a distinct model, the Platinum edition is a new trim level atop the Escalade lineup. Other Cadillacs have gotten the treatment before, but the Escalade seems to be one vehicle that deserves it.

The Platinum gets Magnetic Ride Control, which is basically constantly adapting shocks and suspension that should supply a smoother ride than the SUVs traditional setup. That’s not a small upgrade. The headlights are all LED — making it one of just a few cars around with that setup — but they won’t be available on the first Platinums that roll off the line this spring; you’ll have to wait for one produced after this summer. The grille is also designed to emulate the new CTS sedan. Of course, it has unique 22-inch wheels, not made out of platinum. The engine is a 403-hp V-8, so once you’re done with the show, you can get up and go. More photos below.

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