2008 Detroit Auto Show: Land Rover LRX Hybrid Concept

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  • Looks like: Land Rover wants to take on moon craters
  • Defining characteristics: Two doors on an SUV
  • Ridiculous features: iPhone Docking Facility
  • Chance of being mass-produced: Not very high; sales are decent but new ownership may change product planning

The LRX concept is important to Land Rover for two reasons: It shows a new design direction for a very traditionally styled lineup, and it features a diesel hybrid powerplant. Since, the LRX is just a concept we’re not sure if either feature will make it to production, but a diesel hybrid has yet to hit the streets and an off-road capable SUV might be the place for one.

The LRX is nearly six inches shorter than the current LR2, which isn’t the largest of SUVs out there, so this little SUV might compete against a future Mini Cooper SUV — and yes, one is in the works, folks.

Technology is also a big part of the LRX with lots of features for apple fans. There are docks just for your iPhone and iPod and a cooler which we’ve actually seen in production Land Rovers. More photos below. 

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