2009 Passat CC Will Park Itself

The four-door coupe body style isn't the only new aspect of the just-debuted Passat CC. The VW will feature a park assist system — as part of an option package — that will steer the car into a parking spot using cameras, sensors and software much like the new Lexus LS.

Drivers will control the braking and acceleration during the maneuver, but the car will turn the steering wheel to fit into a tough spot.

Pricing hasn't been finalized for the CC, but we know it will start in the mid- to high-$20,000 range and could easily top $40,000 when well-equipped with features like park assist. That's still roughly $20,000 less than the Lexus LS460 that parks itself. We wonder how long it'll take for this technology to get to a $20,000 car.

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