2008 Detroit Auto Show: Honda Pilot Prototype

  • Looks like: Honda got blander
  • Defining characteristics: Nondescript exterior and wild interior
  • Ridiculous features: None; this is one practical prototype
  • Chance of being mass-produced: 100% — we’ll see the real thing in a few months

Honda doesn’t roll out crazy concepts too often, and this year is no exception. The Pilot prototype you see here will greatly resemble the real thing, which we’ll test drive in the very near future; it will go on sale this spring.

What we learned today is that the new Pilot will have a rounder look than the current one. It will also feature a new six-cylinder engine that can run on three, four or six cylinders — depending on how lead-footed the driver is — and will deliver better fuel economy than the current model. Honda also promises a lot more room inside in both the second and third rows; it even boasts that an “above-average-sized adult male” will fit comfortably in the third row, with plenty of knee room. We’ll believe that when we’re crammed back there.

The inside is a bit more radical and will probably undergo some changes before hitting production. The layout and overall shape of the dash and doors, however, will probably remain the same. Honda also says it will have a more refined ride. Check out the photos below and let us know if you think this is a good evolutionary step for the Pilot. 

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