Through Ian's Lens: International DMAXX Truck

As throwback sports jerseys, old corporate logos and material nostalgia become all the rage in modern design and pop culture, International decided to show off a vehicle that encompasses modern car design, complete with a retro look. The International DMAXX was once a 1939 International D-Series "half-ton" pickup, and after a lengthy conversion it’s become a modern marvel complete with a MaxxForce V-8 turbo-diesel engine that produces an astonishing 650 pounds-feet of torque. The DMAXX’s exterior design is retro, gently offset by a hidden mechanical overhaul based on modern technology. With a classy red and black paint job, this truck stuck out among the blacks and grays of the modern cars littered around it. All that chrome, all that power, all that history ... it’s truly a beautiful machine. A full set of photos is below.

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