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2008 New York Auto Show: Kia Koup

  • Looks like: A flashy Honda Civic coupe
  • Defining characteristics: Wedge styling, 290-hp, turbocharged four-cylinder
  • Ridiculous features: Silicone seat implants, neoprene floor, six-speed automatic transmission
  • Chance of being mass-produced: It sure looks ready to go, and we think Kia would be smart to give it the green light

The Kia Koup is a sporty-looking two-door concept that features its share of show-car elements, like a neoprene floor, but it wouldn’t take much in terms of styling tweaks to turn the Koup into a production car.

The Koup’s front end has a bit of a scowl to it. It has thin, angled headlights, a large lower grille and bumper intakes. Under the domed hood is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that features direct injection and makes 290 hp and 289 pounds-feet of torque, all to the front wheels. Potential production versions would likely offer normally aspirated engines, but it’s nice to see Kia going big by putting a turbo engine in the concept. Rather than a traditional manual transmission, Kia has saddled the concept with a six-speed automatic that features shift paddles ahead of the steering wheel.

The cabin has four bucket seats, with white accents for the front seats and rear seats that are completely black. The backrests have silicone padding to enhance occupant comfort, according to Kia. For more photos, check out the gallery below.

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