Gas-Saving Moment of the Day:

The slogan of is "Tomorrow's gas. Today's prices." The idea is that you purchase gas at today's "reasonable" price of $4.09 (the national average, as of Wednesday) and hold onto it as prices continue to rise.

Essentially, you are pre-purchasing gas, betting that prices will continue to increase. This seems like a pretty good bet for the time being, but be careful: Once we get past the summer months, fuel prices tend to dip. The long-term trend for gas and diesel will continue to point skyward, but if you're buying gas at $4 a gallon into September or October, you may find yourself overpaying. However, if you lock in $4 now and hang on to it until a year from now, you stand to save a decent chunk of change.

Look for more clever entrepreneurs to tap into gas-price paranoia with gambits like this. The trick will be figuring out how to separate the ploys and take advantage of the ones that can actually save you gas and money.

Since the site launched in January, nearly 2,000 people have made purchases from

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