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New Chevy Cruze Compact Coming to U.S. in 2010

GM announced today that it will debut an all-new car called the Cruze at the Paris Motor Show in October. The five-passenger car will be roughly the same size as Chevy’s Cobalt sedan and will be sold in European markets staring in the spring of 2009.

GM has confirmed with that the Cruze will also be sold in the U.S. starting in mid-2010 as a 2011 model. It will be called “Cruze” here as well. A separate source has the Cruze being built at the same Lordstown, Ohio plant that the current Chevy Cobalt is assembled. There wasn’t official confirmation that the Cruze will replace the Cobalt, but that seems like a very good guess. 

GM’s press release only said that the Cruze will carry on Chevy’s new design language seen on the new Malibu and Traverse crossover. We’ll see pictures and receive more information the closer we get to the Paris Motor Show.