New Film to Highlight Inventor's Battle With Auto Industry

It was only a few decades ago that the Big Three were still rulers of all they surveyed in the automotive industry. In the 1960s, all three were looking for a way to make the windshield wiper stop wiping so darn much. Along comes part-time inventor Robert Kearns, and the intermittent wiper is born.

But the story of how the automakers came about adding that technology to their cars isn’t a pretty one, and a new movie, starring Greg Kinnear, that details that past hits theaters Oct. 17. To find out more about the movie, go to the official website here. We won’t spoil the story, but if you do a little hunting you’ll be able to find out if it has a happy ending. 

Kearns died in 2005, and according to the AP story noting his passing, not only was he an engineer and college professor, he was also a member of the precursor to the CIA during World War II.

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