's True Mileage Index Tells it Like it Is

There’s one glaring problem with how the government comes up with its fuel economy rating system known as CAFE: None of the numbers or calculations have anything to do with the EPA-rated mileage you find on a car’s window sticker, also determined by the government. took on the massive undertaking of using EPA figures (which have recently been revised to be more accurate) along with a number of other factors — including sales, engine and transmission options and more — to come up with a new list: True Mileage Index. 

We rank the major automakers on what their actual fleets really return in terms of mpg. The numbers may be shocking; if automakers advertised them, few people would think any of them are really fuel-efficient.

If we want to get serious about fuel economy and holding automakers accountable, the public should be armed with figures that are based in some form of reality. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

The True Mileage Index

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