Snatch Up September Deals Before It's Too Late

August and September were a wild time for the economy. (You’ve heard about the economy, right?) They were also two volatile months for automotive incentives. Rather than offering its typical program, GM generated tons of buzz by using an Employee Pricing Sale, while Chrysler urged you, confusingly, to Shop ‘Til You Drive. Great name.

Those deals are coming to a close, but not before Sept. 30, which means if you’ve still got any money left in your federally insured bank account, now is the time to strike. GM’s deals continue — models like the H3 ($9,000 off) and the Corvette ZO6 ($10,000 off) are especially sexy, but $2,000 off the 2009 Chevy Malibu isn’t so bad either. Meanwhile, Chrysler had problems with its percent-off deals — we still think a cash-back number would have been easier for consumers — but that doesn’t mean you can’t snatch up $9,000 on truck models like the 2008 Dodge Ram.

There are other scattered incentives out there, too. There’s $2,000 available on the 2009 Ford Taurus in certain regions, while Ford trucks have a host of high offers, like $7,000 cash back on the 2008 F-150. Be sure to check out’s incentives page for a full list of offers in your area. 

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