Subaru Adds Charity to Latest Incentives

It’s probably safe to assume that charitable donations decrease in tough economic times. But the end of the year is coming, and people still searching for a way to give back this holiday season now have an option they might not have previously considered: Have Subaru do your giving for you.

During December, every Subaru purchase will come with a $250 donation to the customer’s charity of choice. That extra little bonus comes on top of regular incentives, like 3.9% financing on a 2009 Subaru Impreza for 36 months, or between $1,500 and $2,000 cash back on a 2009 Outback. It’s called the “Share The Love Event,” and we’ll give credit where it’s due: That’s a way better name than “Shop Till You Drive.” It’s not such a bad idea for a sale, either, even if we’re sure some customers will name their own wallets as their “charity of choice.”

Be sure to check Subaru’s zip-code-based site for deals in your region. Offers expire Jan. 2.

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