2009 Dodge Ram Will Be More Fuel-Efficient


Dodge execs announced today that the redesigned 2009 Dodge Ram could see up to a 20% improvement in highway gas mileage. The 2008 two-wheel-drive Ram with a 310-hp V-8 got 13/19 mpg city/highway, so that highway number could go as high as 23 mpg.   

That’s a significant bump, as power also increases to 380 hp. So this is a case of getting to have your cake and eat it too. Dodge says most of the mileage improvements are due to the Ram’s aerodynamics, so city mileage will probably remain similar to the 2008 estimate. A streamlined design doesn’t help any at a red light.

The 2009 Ram goes on sale this fall.

Dodge unveils more fuel-efficient 2009 Ram
(The Detroit News)

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