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Hecklers Use Auto Show to Vent

Take this year’s New York auto show, where product presenters are spending increasing chunks of time fielding questions like, “How come you’ve got to nearly go bankrupt before you come up with a car like this?”

This is what one Chrysler presenter heard in regard to the all-electric Dodge Circuit, according to The New York Times.

The presenters are almost always women hired through marketing firms or talent agencies, who are chosen for their youth, attractiveness and ability to memorize a script about a particular vehicle. They’re rarely ever a direct employee of the automaker. Still, the auto show seems to have convinced some people that they are speaking to Rick Wagoner or Bob Nardelli, as GM and Chrysler presenters get hit with flak for the automakers’ perceived mistakes.

Blaming Chrysler presenter Kerri Moss — a laid-off school teacher trying to earn money on the auto show circuit to pay her bills — for the government-funded bailout makes about as much sense as blaming American automakers for the Iraq war (which, according to the article, was one heckler’s beef).

Could it be that this is a New York phenomenon? If they want to yell at undeserving millionaires for being terrible at their jobs, can’t they just go to a Knicks game?

Glamour Dims as Hecklers Hit the Auto Show (The New York Times)