More of the Next Chrysler 300 Interior Shown

By David Thomas  on April 8, 2009
At a Chrysler press event this morning to introduce the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, company president Jim Press revealed this image of the next-generation Chrysler 300 interior. He said it hinted at “great products coming from the new Chrysler.”

You can clearly see a radical departure from the current car’s interior; it looks to be much more upscale. There’s nothing wrong with that, and the 300 was a huge seller when it first went on the market. Unfortunately, most of Chrysler’s issues stem from weaker offerings in the entry-level and midsize classes.

Still, with this glimpse and the high-end look of the Jeep Grand Cherokee shown earlier today, it appears Chrysler is making progress on some of its interior issues. 

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