Chrysler Delivers $448 Million Electric Vehicle Plan

By Stephen Markley  on May 27, 2009

As part of its restructuring effort, Chrysler delivered three proposals to the Department of Energy explaining how the company plans to jump-start its entry into the electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid markets. The $448 million proposal banks on two government programs to help Chrysler make the transition: The Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacture Initiative, and the Transportation Electrification Initiative.

Designed to aid EVs and plug-ins as they enter the U.S. market, the DOE programs allow for a 50/50 cost-share, so Chrysler would put up $224 million, which the DOE would then match. If approved, Chrysler will use the money to build a fleet of 365 vehicles for use by select customers, as well as open a new manufacturing plant in Michigan.

The majority of the initial vehicles will be plug-in versions of the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Ram. A half-ton pickup like the Ram is an especially interesting choice to turn into a plug-in hybrid; read more about it on our sister site,

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