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Toaster Oven Cooks Pizza in the Car

“Oh … wow! It’s a … um … a toaster oven for … my car? For my car! Wow. That’s just, um, so … uh … cool.”

Yes, for $36 you too can cook a pizza on your next road trip, or perhaps whip up some toast while stuck in traffic on the way to work. Maybe a breakfast pie? (Most people like cold pizza in the morning, don’t they?)

With an adaptor that plugs right into any 12-volt cigarette lighter and a boxy oven that can be positioned on the passenger seat (we guess), what’s not to love about cooking pizza on the road?

Perhaps we could see the utility if one were tailgating, but honestly, pizza places have these guys that just drive around and take pizza to people. Maybe Christmas morning would be better served by a few Pizza Hut coupons.

Bake a Delicious, Healthy Pizza on Your Way to Work (