Acura Makes Bluetooth, XM, USB Jack Standard

Acura will deliver three favorite consumer options standard in all its 2010 models. Hands-free Bluetooth connectivity, XM Satellite Radio and an iPod/USB adaptor will be standard across the line.

The XM radio comes as a free three-month trial subscription, which customers can then opt to keep or cancel depending on how much they use the system versus their iPods (or how much time they spend jabbering away on their Bluetooth-connected phones). Prices for these options usually range from $200 to $500 for each, which makes their standard inclusion a pretty good deal.

The only exception will be the base-level Acura MDX. This trim of the MDX will have XM and Bluetooth but not a USB input. We think this one exclusion seems strange, especially given that this trim accounts for 20% of MDX sales.

Still, Acura is savvy to usually include three of the most desired vehicle options — when it comes to entertainment and convenience — in its standard package.

Acura Makes XM, Bluetooth, iPod Adaptor Standard for 2010 (Gearlog)

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