Through Ian's Lens: 2009 BMW Z4

When I was 8, I wanted the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. When I turned 14, any Lamborghini would have done. Now, as I slide ever closer to 35, the perfect second car for my family must fit my current set of “midlife” needs. The prerequisites? This car must be nimble and powerful, have four to six cylinders, two seats, cargo space for suitcases and camera bags, and it must look aesthetically refreshing yet classically stylish. A tall order? Maybe...

Enter the completely redesigned 2009 BMW Z4. It may not be my absolute dream car, but it comes as close as any luxury-priced modern roadster can. With a completely new look, the ‘09 Z4 announces its presence quickly with an elongated nose that gives the new Z4 the powerful stance of a performance coupe rather than a roofless roadster. Coupled with this pronounced snout is a flawlessly designed retractable hardtop that’s hidden (when down) by a raised rear end above twin tailpipes under a slight bumper. All these design cues are leaps and bounds from the previous design, which left a lot to be desired aesthetically (and don’t get me started on how ugly the soft-top was on the roadster).

The Z4 can now be called a gracefully balanced car from bumper to bumper. My favorite angle? The profile. From the side, you can see just how perfectly weighted the car really is. And let’s be honest, it would totally look sweet in the garage next to my station wagon. Unless it were white. I’d probably bring it back to the dealer if it were white.

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