Dealer Supplies Hit Lowest Levels in Over 30 Years

Cash for Clunkers gave a much-needed boost to the auto industry but has left dealers with their lowest inventory levels since 1975. Still, this is not a terrible problem to have.

The number of vehicles on or being delivered to dealer lots fell to 1.4 million vehicles at the end of August. That’s 49% less than August 2008, according to

While consumers might lose out during the month of September as dealers pull back on incentive spending and the number of model choices is limited, low inventory marks a win for auto workers. The cars and trucks on dealer lots have hit their lowest levels since 1975, and this means auto plants like Ford’s Wayne, Michigan Assembly Plant have been working overtime to churn out the top-selling Focus.

Despite low supply, demand is expected to also shrink, following the end of the federal Cash for Clunkers program and because September is normally a lower sales month than August in a typical year.

Less Supply Is Good News (Detroit Free Press)

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