Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: August 2009

By David Thomas  on August 31, 2009 Cash for Clunkers pushed car sales up in August, way up. Automakers like Toyota, Honda and Ford saw sales increase by  10.5%, 14.2% and 17%, respectively, but others like GM, Chrysler and Nissan couldn’t hold off losses of 20.2%, 15% and 2.9%, respectively. The automaker pecking order also changed with Nissan — including Infiniti — and Hyundai/Kia both surpassing Chrysler in terms of total sales. Chrysler is now the seventh-largest automaker in the U.S.

Which cars made the top 10 for August? Well, Cash for Clunkers led to a huge spike in sales of our usual suspects like the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic. Even the Ford F-Series had a strong month. Check out the list below to see if there were any surprises. 

Top 10 Best-Sellers

  • Toyota Camry: 54,396
  • Ford F-Series: 45,590
  • Honda Civic: 43,294
  • Toyota Corolla: 43,061
  • Honda Accord: 39,726
  • Chevy Silverado: 32,421
  • Honda CR-V: 30,284
  • Nissan Altima: 26,833
  • Ford Focus: 25,547
  • Hyundai Elantra: 21,673

Best Sellers Cash for Clunkers

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