Consumer Reports' Top 10 Automakers

Today, Consumer Reports released the results of its annual car reliability survey, which includes more than 1.4 million vehicles. This is one of the most important publications of the year for consumers interested in a car’s reliability. There were few surprises in terms of which makes are most and least reliable, with Scion maintaining the top spot. Porsche, Saab, Suzuki and Pontiac saw the biggest gains while Lincoln and Mini took the biggest hits. Check out Consumer Reports full report if you’re a subscriber. We list the top 10 most and least reliable automakers below.
Top 10 Most Reliable Automakers

1.    Scion
2.    Honda
3.    Toyota
4.    Infiniti
5.    Acura
6.    Mitsubishi
7.    Lexus
8.    Hyundai
9.    Porsche
10.  Mercury

Top 10 Least Reliable Automakers

1.    Chrysler
2.    Cadillac
3.    Dodge
4.    Jeep
5.    Saturn
6.    GMC
7.    Mini
8.    BMW
9.    Chevy
10.  Audi

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