2010 Mercedes-Benz E550: Through Ian's Lens

One of my childhood memories is sitting on the front-seat armrest of my grandfather's early 1980s’ Mercedes-Benz 240D while he drove me and my brother around the flat farmlands of southern Minnesota. Sometimes we’d run errands and sometimes we went just to go for a drive. With the smell of the leather interior in our noses and the comforting clatter of the diesel engine in our ears, my brother and I knew we were riding in something special.

That “Something Special” legacy continues at Mercedes-Benz for 2010. Taking design cues from the smaller C-Class and larger S-Class, the completely redesigned 2010 E-Class combines a fierce front with sleek hard lines throughout the hood, grille, headlights and fenders. It's an aggressive new stance for a model that has felt middle-of-the-road for the past 15 years. Mainstay design elements are prevalent on the E-Class with the dual headlamps on either side of the nose and stacked indicator/reverse lights/brake lights on the rear. In profile, the E-Class carries its major design lines in a slow crease that swoops along the body panels from the top of the front wheel well to the top of the taillight.

When you see it on the street, this new E-Class will definitely stand out against its competitors. Check out the full-screen player after the jump.
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