No New Saabs Until 2010

Last week, we told you about Saab’s new owners closing a third of its dealers, but it seems the remaining dealers are running out of new cars to sell. An Atlanta dealer says he has 10 new cars on the lot and won’t get more cars until the 2010 9-5 sedan arrives.

When the 9-5 was originally introduced, GM said it would go on sale in late 2010 in the U.S. Bloomberg is reporting that Saab is currently retrofitting its factory and production will begin this winter with deliveries starting in early 2010, but that’s to Swedish buyers only.

A Saab dealer in New Jersey said he expects the new 9-5 to arrive in spring of next year, but he expects the 30 or so 2009s on his lot will be long gone by then. There is no mention of the current 9-3 line resuming production.

Saab Dealers Running Out of Cars as Plant Cuts Output (
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