2010 Lotus Evora Pricing Announced

We’d almost forgotten about Lotus’ new sports car, the Evora, which joins the more barebones Elise in the U.S. The British sports car will start at $73,500, not including $1,175 in destination charges, when it goes on sale early next year. That’s less than a Porsche 911. It comes fairly well equipped, but adding options can get the total price tag up to $90,000.

The Evora promises to be another pure sports car from Lotus with a more upscale feel than the Elise. Its 276-horsepower V-6 engine might not sound like much, but this car is so light that it hits 60 mph in 4.9 seconds while getting 30-plus mpg on the highway. Check out the full pricing and more photos below.

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