2010 Toyota Prius Priced $1,000 Less Than Outgoing Model


When I reviewed the new 2010 Toyota Prius back in February, I marveled at all the terrific features it packed and guessed it would have to cost more than the outgoing model, but that it would be worth the extra cost. Today, Toyota has announced pricing of the new hybrid, which goes on sale next month, and it’s going to be at least $1,000 less than the current version.

The Prius will start at $21,000, before a $750 destination charge. This price is for a base model that the company hasn’t yet introduced, called the Prius I. The Prius II through Prius V, which we’ve already detailed in depth and which go on sale in late May, will also start at cheaper prices than the 2009.

The Prius II will start at $22,000 before destination, compared to the 2009’s $23,375 starting price. The top-of-the-line Prius V, however, gets costly, starting at $27,270. There are also new options, like a Solar Roof Package, that have also been priced. You can find all the pricing details below.


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