2010 Toyota Prius Touch Tracer Display


There I was checking out the all-new 2010 Toyota Prius, the most hybrid of all hybrid cars around, and one feature surprised me more than anything. No, it wasn’t the solar panel roof or the remote start for the A/C. It was the Touch Tracer Display.

What? You haven’t heard of the Touch Tracer Display? Neither had we.

Every Prius comes standard with steering-wheel-mounted buttons that control the stereo, climate and display functions for the hybrid system. What the Touch Tracer display does is pop up a digital overlay on the center-mounted gauges showing what button your finger is on before you press it down to make your selection.

Ever turned the volume up instead of down? Ever hit the “channel up” button instead of “volume up”? This negates those blind presses with a useful display right in your line of sight.

The Touch Tracer display is standard on all 2010 Toyota Prius trim levels.

We’ll have more on how the system worked on the road later this month. Manufacturer supplied images of the Touch Tracer are below.

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