Chrysler to Advertise in Super Bowl XLIV

Update: Chrysler has confirmed that it is the current 2010 Charger currently on sale that will be featured in the Super Bowl ad, not the new model slated for sale in November.

CNNMoney is reporting that Chrysler will advertise during Super Bowl XLIV. This makes it the only domestic automaker advertising during the game, and not only that, the government- and Fiat-owned automaker is buying a 60-second spot for an estimated $6 million.

While we believe CNNMoney’s report that there will be an ad, we’re waiting on confirmation that it will be an ad for the Dodge Charger, since the new model will not go on sale until November. However, the automaker could debut the Charger at the press preview of the Chicago Auto Show on Feb. 10, but that would still be a few days after the big game’s ad runs Feb. 7.

Although no other U.S. automaker is advertising in the game, a spokesman for CBS said Audi, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Volkswagen are all advertising. will also have an ad in this year’s Super Bowl, its third consecutive spot in the most watched game of the year.

Chrysler buys 60-second Super Bowl ad (
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