Judge Your Eco-Driving With Garmin ecoRoute hd

The capitalizationally challenged transmitter known as the Garmin ecoRoute hd functions similarly to the Ford Fusion Hybrid’s green leaves: It silently lets you know how fuel efficient your driving habits are.

The transmitter connects to a vehicle’s onboard diagnostics port and retrieves various data. It then displays a score on a Garmin nuvi GPS unit, measuring acceleration, braking and speed in order to assign you an overall green-driving score. As you may know, slow, calm and steady wins that race. For commuters who know what they’re doing, this could make owning a Garmin much more desirable, as it could translate into real fuel savings.

The ecoRoute hd will also monitor important diagnostic information from your car that has nothing to do with green driving and send you a warning when there’s trouble.

The ecoRoute hd will be compatible with most 1000 series nuvi models and all future Bluetooth-capable Garmin GPS devices, according to the company. It will go on sale in March for a suggested price of $149.99.

Garmin ecoRoute hd Lets Your GPS Silently Judge Your Eco-Driving (Jalopnik)

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