2011 Ford Mustang Lineup Priced

Now that the Chicago Auto Show is in full swing and we’ve seen the 2011 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with our own eyes, we now have pricing for every model, and almost every option. The 2011s go on sale this spring.

The new V-6 base car will start at $22,145 versus the 2010’s $21,395 starting price. Destination charge is an additional $850. The $750 price bump is modest, considering the new V-6 gets 305 horsepower and 30 mpg highway, while the 2010 was hampered by an aging engine putting out just 210 hp and getting just 26 mpg highway. Learn more about the 2011 V-6 here.
The new GT with a blistering 412 hp will start at $29,645 versus the 2010 priced at 28,395. That extra $1,250 gets you nearly 100 more hp. Destination is also set at $850. For more on the 2011 updates, go here.

And what about that Shelby GT500? The 2011 Coupe will start at $48,645, while the convertible will start at $53,645. The 2010 models started at $46,725 and $51,725 respectively. More on the 2011 GT500 can be found here. Destination for the GT500 is also $850, and taking some sting out of the higher GT500 price is that the 2011 is no longer subject to a gas-guzzler tax.

What about all the options, navigation, special packages and even wheels? Well, you can build your own Mustang on Cars.com by using this link. So gearheads can be satisfied right away, the SVT Performance Package for the GT500 will cost an extra $3,495 and includes beefier suspension and an offset wheel and tire package with 19s up front and 20s in the back.

We so can’t wait ‘til winter is over.
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