4G Prius Displayed at Mobile World Congress

Don’t let the driver-distraction folks see this.

Communications company Alcatel-Lucent used the Mobile World Congress 2010 gathering to show off its 4G-connected Toyota Prius concept car.

The tech fest in Barcelona, Spain, usually highlights computers and hand-held devices like the Droid, but the 4G Prius garnered buzz with its smorgasbord of screens and sensors connected to a 4G network.

According to the company, the vehicle’s display would not only be able to keep drivers informed on the car's various functions but would also be able to show high-definition videos, bring up Google Maps or run a web browser.

Sounds like Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s worst nightmare.

4G Cars, Androids and Dancers at MWC 2010 (ZDNet.uk)

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