Most Hit-and-Runs Happen to Parked Cars

When you think of a hit-and-run accident, it usually involves a dramatic sideswipe at an intersection followed by burning rubber as the driver takes off. According to Allstate Insurance, though, the most common form of hit-and-run occurs when you’re not even in your car.

The insurance company has found that seven out of 10 hit-and-run collisions involve a parked car and the other driver fleeing without leaving a note. This recently happened to the wife of our own David Thomas. She parked her car at work, where it was hit in a parking space by a semitruck that sped off before anyone could get the license plate number. David assures us that this was not a pleasant experience.

Most states have strict rules about notifying owners if you collide with their parked vehicles and heavy punishment for leaving the scene of an accident. Allstate says that most insurance policies have collision coverage that will cover repairs if your car is hit while parked.

Allstate: Seven Out of 10 Hit-and-Runs in Parking Lots (DriveOn)

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